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Hitorikko fish virtual pet review!

A review of the popular dinkie Dino knock off. Enjoy :D Also, there are only three food choices not four....sorry about that!

Deka Home Tamagotchi and Akai Tamagotchi Connect!!!

The moment you tamagotchi fans have all been waiting for! This is a video of how the Deka Home Tamagotchi and the Akai red pixel tamagotchi connect and ...

Rikou Rikou Chan virtual pet

cool virtual pets

Would you like to have a virtual pet?

Derby Ball Horse Virtual Pet

Yaaaay I'm back :) hopefully, you're excited lol Hey guys, check out my tumblr as I will post a preview picture of the item I will be ...

Dragon Virtual Pet Review

It's SO demanding _.

My virtual pet fish!

i feed and color some fish!

My Tamagotchi Log! More posts coming soon :D :D :D :D.

my virtual pet tree frog with TheCupcakeNerd "RICO!!!!"

We feed Rico some flies!

My New Fake Tamagotchi - Virtual Pet

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